SEO Training 2022

Due to number of people posted on Social Media especially Facebook that they are looking for internship and “Geek Nerd” Renan Orola made a comment that for those who are interested for intern do a Personal Message via Facebook.

After couple of hours many people message The Boss of iMake Web Solution that they want to become and intern but one of the big question for all is how can we do internship for those people who has less ideas or experience on SEO the answer is “No” which is intern mean you need to handle websites to do an SEO how come if you don’t even know how to handle Cpanel and WordPress.

So the conversation goes on after than insted of doing an internship The Boss said why not training before giving you some bounch of work. Everyone agree on the said training which is we called it Free SEO Training 2022.

Day 1 one which is familiarization of everyone’s need is amazing experience as most of them enrolled on online training courses and even they done their training their ideas and skills didn’t improved and after the day of first session everyone amazed about the topics which is shown to them actually on how everything works.

It it continues until one of them giving a personal website to handle on how they do Technicial SEO, Onpage SEO as well as Offpage. All are very excited on the said training after they learn a lot of things.

Off-page SEO is on the last part of the training where everyone teaches about how off-page work and how links importante to a website and the best thing is how to gather links.

We at iMake Web Solution happy to offer our knowledge to those are interested to learn for free.

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